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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

Image Editor: Broken crops after change fixed

In some cases resizing crops were broken by a recent bug fix. Now all crops can be resized again.


Window Skin removal
  • The Window Skin GRID_200_LIGHT is removed.

Use the Skin GRID_200 instead.


Fix commerce library lazy loading

Reimplemented how is checked whether a category inside the library is a linked one. The new way is more performant and does not load all the category children from the parent.


Fixed Error On Closing CMPicture Document

We fixed an error that occurred when closing a CMPicture document (with tab-reuse disabled).


FolderChooserListViewBase#getAvailablePathsExpression is now null robust

FolderChooserListViewBase#getAvailablePathsExpression threw a TypeError because of an unallowed null access when no preferred site was selected. This occurred while importing an item from the content hub.


Fixed Link List Suggestions for Site Specific Taxonomies

Fixed an issue where only global taxonomy nodes where suggested in the link list, even for site specific ones. The issue happened for the link list suggestions and for the taxonomy chooser dialog chooser.


Added "defaultNameValueExpression" Parameter to QuickCreateMenuItem

There parameter was missing here and is now passed via the QuickCreateAction to the QuickCreateDialog .


Modification of Issue Filter UI selection

When choosing an issue category, with no severity selected before, all the severity checkboxes are now checked automatically.


Added new config preferredSiteOnly for LinkListPropertyField

The config delegates the config to the LinkListPropertyFieldGridPanel. If true its link suggester only suggest content of the preferred site.


CategoryDocumentForm Expands when there is an Issue

The subpanels for subjectTaxonomy, locationTaxonomy, keywords will be expanded when there are issues fo the properties.


Fixed Caching Issue in ViewTypeUtil

Fixed caching issue in when working the custom base paths.


Cache Buster is once again only applied for GET requests

When changing the used underlying API for our Studio REST Requests we accidently added the cache buster (that prevents caching a requests) not only to "GET" requests but to all requests. This is fixed now, so the old behavior applies.


Fixed some timing problems in FolderChooserList

The FolderChooserList was not properly initialized if some contents were not yet loaded. The has been fixed now.


Possible Format-Loss For Richtext in Studio Fixed

For CoreMedia Richtext created outside CoreMedia Studio you may have experienced losing formatting when loading these into CoreMedia Studio.

The root-cause, which required all CoreMedia Richtext documents to come with a xlink namespace declaration, got fixed.


Fixed type error when aborting a workflow

Fixed a type error when a workflow was aborted in Studio.

Uncaught TypeError: this$.backToListHandler$2GlD is not a function


Studio Client Now Has X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff" Header

The Studio Client now has the X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff" header set for all client requests. The Studio Server already added this header previously.


Fixed Timing Problem when Loading Site Specific Settings

If global settings were loaded before the site specific settings the global settings sometimes did take precedence. This has been fixed now.


Fixed error when trying to republish a withdrawn folder

A published and then withdrawn folder could not be republished again. An error message appeared indicating that the folder is already published. This is fixed now.


Controlroom: Start translation workflow button in toolbar hidden when unusable

A bug has been fixed which shows the button to start a translation even if it is not possible to start a translation. Now the button is hidden in the case a translation can't be started.


Fixed endless loop bug when opening the Studio library

When a new site was created which only contains two contents of type Site Indicator and CMChannel with the latter being the home page of the former, then it could happen that opening the library results in an endless JavaScript execution loop and a type error being displayed in the browser console which starts with the following error text:

AS3: [ERROR] Ext.ComponentManager.register(): Duplicate component id "librarytree"
Error: Duplicate component id "librarytree"


Fixed console warnings about deprecated Ext.EventManager

The EventManager is outdated causing a lot of warnings when opening e.g. an CMArticle form due to still being used. Replaced all usages in the code with corresponding alternatives.


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