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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Server

Multi-Selection Support for Taxonomy Link Lists

The TaxonomySearchField supports the flag multiSelect now. It can be set to true in TaxonomomyLinkListPropertyFields . As a result, the suggestion picker remains open until ESC is pressed and allows to select multiple tags at once.


iFrame Support for Content Hub Preview

Preview data generated by Content Hub Adapters can be marked as 'html' now. This way, it is possible to embed iframes into the Content Hub Preview, e.g. to embed YouTube videos.


Disabling Notifications

The user can disable notifications in the user settings.


Multiple Filter Support for Product List Documents

Product lists support multiple filters now. Existing product list documents are still compatible with the old format and API. If the commerce API supports multi filter facets, a button is shown within the editor to migrate the existing data to the new multi-facet format. After migration, the new multi facet editor will be shown where the editor can select multiple facets, depending on the category that has been linked for the product list document. It is recommended to convert existing product list contents to the new format. Also note that product lists must be checked in the Studio after being translated because not all configured search facets may be translatable.

Additionally, a new product list validator has been introduced. This validator checks if the persisted queries within the documents are still compatible to the search API of the commerce system. The Studio library can be used to search for these issues.


Configure Studio Forms

An editor can now configure the content forms so that they show only parts the editor is interested in. See the chapter "Hiding Studio Form Components" in the Studio User Manual. See the chapter "Hiding Components on Content Forms" in the Studio Developer Manual to prepare your Studio code for the feature.


Fixed Error thrown for Empty UserManager Properties

Fixed a NullPointerException that was thrown when the settings for the user manager were missing in the


Filtering Issues Along with Categories in Studio Library

In the search view of the Studio library, you can now filter content issues not only by severity but also by a category, like localization issues. Note, that the issues filter is only visible, if the Content Feeder indexes issues in Solr. Section "Searching for Content | Content Issues" in the Search Manual describes how to enable issue indexing.


Added Thumbnail Support for Content Hub

The content hub thumbnail view now supports an image preview the asset, if the asset supports one. The optional method getThumbnailBlob() has been added to the Content Hub API for Content Hub Items for this.


Added metrics to reflect the number of CMS user sessions

Added metrics starting with cap.session representing the number of sessions currently known to the application. The following gauges are available:

  • open the number of distinct users being logged in

  • idle the number of distinct users who are currently logged in but for whom the application is not currently serving a request

  • busy the number of distinct users who are currently logged-in and for whom the application is currently serving a request

  • dirty the number of distinct users whose sessions are about to be closed


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