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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Updated Multi Catalog Configuration

The catalog alias configuration for the multi catalog feature has been updated. The former Studio content configuration setting "livecontext.catalogAliases" has been removed and needs to be updated, if you use multiple catalogs for one site. If you do not use the multi catalog feature there is no action required.

If you use multiple catalogs for one site, the catalog aliases are configured via the #additionalCatalogConfigs struct list below the commerce struct instead.

Old format:

<StructProperty Name="livecontext.catalogAliases">
    <StringProperty Name="master">Extended Sites Catalog Asset Store</StringProperty>

New format:

<StructProperty Name="commerce">
  <StructListProperty Name="additionalCatalogConfigs">
      <StringProperty Name="alias">master</StringProperty>
      <StringProperty Name="name">Extended Sites Catalog Asset Store</StringProperty>
      <StringProperty Name="id">12345</StringProperty>

Please consult the migration guide or the commerce adapter documentation for more details.


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