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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Third-Party Update: Apache Solr 8.8.2

Apache Solr has been updated to version 8.8.2, which fixes some security vulnerabilities of the previous version.

Solr Configuration

Solr configuration files in apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config/src/main/app/configsets have been adapted for the new version. If you've customized these files, make sure to apply the change in content/conf/solrconfig.xml that sets enableLazyFieldLoading to false. This change is necessary to work around Solr bug SOLR-15192.

Solr Master/Slave Setup

For the Solr Master/Slave setup, the new Solr version now requires the configuration of hostname and port of the Solr master instance in the solr.shardsWhitelist system property of Solr slave instances (SOLR-15217). The Docker image build has been adapted accordingly in apps/solr/docker/solr/src/docker/bin/ . See section "Master/Slave Index Replication" in the Search Manual or the Solr Reference Guide for more information.

For detailed changes of Apache Solr have a look at and .


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