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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

Bug Fixed where Certain Domains Caused Error in Studio Login Screen

We fixed a bug where domain names with certain character in it (e.g. '.' or '/') caused an error in the Studio loading screen.


JavaScript Source-Maps for Some ExtJS Classes are no Longer Broken

A recent third-party dependency upgrade did break the source-maps for some of the ExtJS classes. This has been fixed now.


Fixed: Richtext Differencing in Studio May Provide Invalid Results

Due to an issue in data-processing of CKEditor 4, you may have experienced invalid change annotations in differencing view for CoreMedia Richtext properties. One observed effect: Sections were marked as deleted, which never were deleted.

A workaround got applied in data-processing, which ships with CoreMedia Studio.

If you rely on differencing results, an update is strongly recommended.


UI Enhancement: Contents Draggable from Translation Workflows

Contents, displayed in translation workflows, can now be dragged and dropped to different areas of the Studio.


Content Hub Import: Show error when import fails

When an import terminates with an exception the import will now be visualized as failed instead of successful.


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