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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

Conversion to TypeScript now supports Windows

A few Windows-specific issues in the workspace conversion process as described in the Upgrade Guide have been fixed, documentation as well as tooling. We still recommend using Linux or Mac for workspace conversion, but it works under Windows now, too.


Bug Fixed where Certain Domains Caused Error in Studio Login Screen

We fixed a bug where domain names with certain character in it (e.g. '.' or '/') caused an error in the Studio loading screen.


JavaScript Source-Maps for Some ExtJS Classes are no Longer Broken

A recent third-party dependency upgrade did break the source-maps for some of the ExtJS classes. This has been fixed now.


Fixed: Richtext Differencing in Studio May Provide Invalid Results

Due to an issue in data-processing of CKEditor 4, you may have experienced invalid change annotations in differencing view for CoreMedia Richtext properties. One observed effect: Sections were marked as deleted, which never were deleted.

A workaround got applied in data-processing, which ships with CoreMedia Studio.

If you rely on differencing results, an update is strongly recommended.


UI Enhancement: Contents Draggable from Translation Workflows

Contents, displayed in translation workflows, can now be dragged and dropped to different areas of the Studio.


Content Hub Import: Show error when import fails

When an import terminates with an exception the import will now be visualized as failed instead of successful.


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