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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Added CacheControl support to Headless Server

Headless Server now supports sending CacheControl headers for GET requests. Defaults can be configured using the caas.cache-control.* properties. The value of the the max-age directive is the minimum of the configured max-age value for the given request URL and the values of the validFrom/validTo properties of the requested contents. If no cache control configuration exists and the content does not contain a value for validFrom/validTo then no CacheControl header is sent. A negative max-age value indicates that no CacheControl header should be sent even in the presence of configured validFrom/validTo dates.

Headless Server can be configured to expose the upcoming change dates of contents (according to validFrom/validTo settings) as part of the JSON response in addition to the CacheControl header. The upcoming change dates are added to the JSON response as changeDates list to the extensions property if caas.expose-extensions=true .


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