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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

Fixed Quick Create Dialog Positioning

Disabled behavior where the quick create dialog always positioned next to the menu item it was invoked from. This lead to problem where the dialog may have been rendered outside the screen for menu items, that were rendered close to the screen border.


User Manager Full Text Search

The user manager user and group search does not search for prefixes only anymore. Instead, the term is matched against the whole name. The prefix search can be re-enabled via _UserManagerBase.PREFIX_SEARCH=true_.


Site Selector - Sorting by Locale

The new site selector supports sorting by locale.


Update to CKEditor 4.16.1

With the update to the jangaroo-libs release 4.1.0, the CKEditor was updated to version 4.16.1. Among others, this release of the CKEditor includes some security-related changes. For more details see:


Added Support for Empty Quick Create Name

The default name of the content created by the QuickCreateDialog is now read from the . To support empty names, the key _default_newDocumentName_text_ can be overwritten with an empty value. This way, the editor is forced to set a custom name.


Added Support for Multiple External Previews

IPreviewUrlTransformer functions can be applied to the external preview URL now too. Only the protocol, host and port of the transformed URL will be applied to the external preview URL, since the context path will remain the same for all preview CAEs and parameters are not relevant here.

This feature is disabled by default so that only the default preview CAE will be used for the external preview. To enable the IPreviewUrlTransformer execution for the external preview URL, change the following flag to true :



Restored "Open In Tab" Checkbox for Bulk Uploads

The "Open In Tab" checkbox had been removed when the Jobs framework was introduced. The checkbox has been restored now so that documents are opened after a successful upload. The state of the flag is stored in the local storage of the browser.


Studio Client Now Has Referrer-Policy "same-site"

We added the Referrer-Policy "same-site" to the Studio Client. If needed, this configuration can be changed in the studio-base-app module's index.html.


Start Publication Workflow Button From ActionsToolbar No Longer Includes "My Edited Contents" By Default

Previously, the "Start Publication Workflow" button in the Actions Toolbar included all content items from "My Edited Contents". Now, it only includes the currently displayed content item. If desired, you can go back to the previous behavior via a "Content > Actions Toolbar" user preferences setting.


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