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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Moved internal CAE controllers to management application context

In CM10 the CAE exposed several endpoints below ' /blueprint/servlet/internal ' which had to be handled separately when setting up URL rewrite rules so that they cannot be accessed from the public internet. In CM11 they are now configured to be included in the spring boot management context (together with the actuators) and are available on a different port (by default in blueprint deployment port 8081 on the CAE Docker Container and mapped to 40981 for preview and 42181 for live CAE). Affected endpoints are concerned with URL generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/service/url ), sitemap generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/<siteid>/sitemap-org ) and test URL generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/<siteid>/testurls ).

If use them in your project, please make sure to access them from your internal network using the new port and path without “{{/blueprint/servlet}}” prefix. For example: http://<hostname>:42181/internal/service/url for accessing the URL generation on the Live CAE


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