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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Server

Multi Catalog Search

Search within commerce products from a non-default catalog is now correctly executed. This currently only affects our HCL Commerce integration out of the box, which supports multiple catalogs. The fix requires HCL Commerce Adapter version 2.0.7 or higher.


Fixed Taxonomy Root Node Resolving

The resolving of taxonomy root nodes is now implemented with a content query. This way, nodes are not skipped because of the SOLR search limit.


ContentHub UrlBlobBuilder and Proxies

The UrlBlobBuilder (Studio-Server API for Content Hub) now respects a possibly set authenticator via This, for example, provides the opportunity, to enable password authentication, if Studio server runs behind a proxy requiring authentication.


Fixed User Manager Delete Action

Admin users are no longer able to delete themselves when logged into the Studio.


Better Login Check

The login now checks the permissions of the given user more detaily.


Filter destroyed taxonomies when creating a comment

When creating a new comment, an exception occured, if the linked taxonomy was deleted or destroyed. This is fixed now, the affected taxonomies are filtered out.


Image editor: Prevent crop width to be bigger than the original width.

When the dimension of a picture were close to match a crop ratio it happened that the image editor calculated a crop width bigger than the original width when resizing the crop.


Search Results

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