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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Optimize Rendering of embedded content in Richtext

When embedding content (esp. images) in richtext, asRichtextEmbed templates are likely to break HTML validity by rendering <div> blocks inside the richtext's <p> context. So far, the Blueprint's PDivUntanglingFilter tried to be smart and adjust the HTML accordingly by closing and reopening the <p> context around an embedded object. However, this magic never really matched projects' expectations about the result, because it sometimes led to unwanted additional paragraphs or empty links.

Therefore, we removed the p/div adjusting features from the PDivUntanglingFilter and leave it to the asRichtextEmbed templates to provide HTML fragments that are suitable to be used within a <p> context. Consequently, we renamed the PDivUntanglingFilter to EmbeddingFilter .

If the old PDivUntanglingFilter is useful for you, you can keep it in your project code, and also preserve the LinkEmbedFilter and ImageFilter classes in their old versions.

The following templates in the example bricks and themes are changed:

  • CMTeasable.asRichtextEmbed.ftl closes and opens the <p> elements before and after the include manually.

  • CMPicture.asRichtextEmbed.ftl changed from <div> to <span> .

  • uses the <picture> element for the responsive container instead of a <div> .


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