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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Commerce Validator Issue Feeding

Commerce related validator issues defined in LcStudioValidatorsConfiguration are now also feeded into the Solr index "studio" by default. Therefore the Content Feeder now also uses Commerce Hub connections to configured Commerce Adapters . The legacy (and deprecated) LiveContext Blueprint extension for IBM/HCL B2B is not supported.

General Problems reported as INFO

Additionally, the ContentLinkValidator and its subclasses do not report Commerce Connection issues ("StoreContextNotFound") as warning , anymore, but as info This was changed because otherwise lots of issues with level warning are persisted for each and every commerce related content item, although the problem is more generic and is not caused by the single content items. As a rule of thumb, issues that are fixable on the content itself are warning or error and more global issues, like commerce connection problems, are info level.

Performance Advise

Please be aware that for repositories with huge amounts of commerce-related content (for example, Augmented Pages, Augmented Categories, Augmented Products or Product Teasers), feeding might take much longer, especially if the commerce adapter cache is empty and remote calls to the commerce system need to be made.

You might want to consider to limit the duration of calls to the commerce adapter(s) by setting the application property to a lower value (default is 20s). If this deadline/timeout is reached, the validator will get an exception and reports an issue on level INFO with the code <ContentType>_catalogError (e.g. CMProductTeaser_catalogError}}.


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