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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Workspace

SFMC Extensions Extracted from Blueprint

The extensions sfmc , sfmc-p13n and sfmc-es-p13n have been extracted to a dedicated repository CoreMedia/coremedia-sfmc-integration , which contains information on how to integrate and enable them.


Banned Jakarta EE 9 Artifacts

There is a mismatch between Maven coordinates and Java packages of Jakarta EE 8/9 artifacts. (For details see .) We follow the strategy of Spring Boot 2.5 of how to deal with this problem and ban all Jakarta EE 9 artifacts. If you use Jakarta EE 9 artifacts in your project, please try to replace them with the according Jakarta EE 8 libraries.


Removal: Deprecated Properties

Properties that were deprecated because they were replaced by Spring Boot configuration properties have now been removed:

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated Properties” for upgrade information.


Updated to Spring 5.3.12 and Spring Boot 2.5.6

In order to benefit from the improvements of the latest version of the Spring framework and to prepare for making use of the new features various 3rd party libraries have been updated.

Follow Section, “Updated to Spring 5.3.12 and Spring Boot 2.5.6” for upgrade information.


Removal: repository.workflow and repository.caplist Properties

Removed the properties repository.workflow and repository.caplist . Use repository.workflow.connect and repository.caplist.connect instead.


Switched to Sencha CMD

Please use Sencha CMD to build the studio-client to avoid heap space related problems after switching to the new NPM/TypeScript based tooling.


Mongo shell replacement mongosh

The mongo shell has been deprecated with MongoDB 5.0. The replacement shell is mongosh. Usages of mongo shell have been replaced with mongosh in documentation, deployment scripts and the example script dump-es-user-data.js .


Renamed groupId com.coremedia.content-hub to com.coremedia.cms

The groupId of the content-hub core artifacts has been changed from com.coremedia.content-hub to com.coremedia.cms in order to adjust to naming conventions.


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