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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Server

Third-Party Update: Liquibase

Liquibase has been updated to version 4.8.0 to avoid security vulnerability CVE-2022-0839.


Content-Hub: Images broken

Due to a bug in JVM version the content-hub images (pictures) could not be loaded. The container base image coremedia/java-application-base has been updated to JVM version


Content Hub Import: Class Cast Exception if ContentModel Contains List

To import a ContentHubItem the ContentModel can specify which properties has to be set in the imported Content by setting ContentModel.contentProperties. If the ContentModel.contentProperties contains a list of ContentModelReference the references are resolved and imported as Content too. Unfortunately a for Lists other than ContentModelReference a ClassCastException has been thrown and the import failed. This behavior has been resolved and Lists other than ContentModelReference stay untouched and will be copied as Content property to the imported Content.


Third-party : h2database Dependency Removed

h2database dependency raised issue in security scans and since this dependency was used only for testing purpose, it has been removed.


Prevented Wrong Segment Format Validation Issues

The SegmentFormatValidator now makes use of UrlPathFormattingHelper#tidyUrlPath before the actual validation takes place. This ensures that the validation is based on the same segment formatting that is used in the deliveries and thus prevents false-positive validation issues.


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