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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Issue Search Filter Enabled By Default and Solr Schema Changes

The Solr index schema for Content Feeder and CAE Feeder , and the configuration of the Content Feeder was changed to enable the search filter for validation issues by default, and to also support Solr nested documents in the CAE Feeder .

See also the updated section "Searching for Content | Content Issues" in the Search Manual.

Solr Configuration Changes

The Solr index fields \_root_ and \_nest_path_ were added in the index schema for both Content Feeder and CAE Feeder indexes in content/conf/schema.xml and cae/conf/schema.xml . These files are located in the Blueprint below apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config/src/main/app/configsets .

The fields were optional since version 2104 but not defined by default. Adding them requires recreation of indexes from scratch. If you create new indexes with this version, or if you have already created new indexes with previous versions and these fields defined, then you should add/keep the fields in the schema. For the Content Feeder index, these fields are required if indexing of validation issues is enabled. It's important that you don't change the definition of these fields, if you keep an existing index.

Content Feeder Configuration

The configuration of the Content Feeder was changed to index issues, by default. You can disable issue indexing with configuration property feeder.content.issues.index=false , for example if you have decided to not add the fields to the Solr schema to avoid reindexing, or if you are not using the default Solr integration but a custom Indexer that does not support indexing issues as nested documents.


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