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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Headlless Server Deprecations for CoreMedia CMCC 11

These previously announced deprecations were carried out with the major release of CoreMedia CMCC 11:

  • Site Query: The deprecated parameter 'id' was removed from content-schema in favor of the new parameter 'siteId'

  • JsonPreviewUrlController / Preview Url Endpoint (/previewUrl) was removed. JsonPreviewUrlController calculated the url for the json preview in studio. The url calculation was moved to studio server, where it is now part of the multi preview configuration.

  • Method removed from SolrQueryBuilder: getSortFieldMapping() was removed

  • Method removed from SearchQueryHelper: validFromQuery() was removed and replaced by validFromPastToValueQuery()

  • Method removed from SearchQueryHelper: validToQuery() was removed and replaced by validFromValueToFutureQuery()

  • Method removed from ContentRoot: getSite(DataFetchingEnvironment environment) was removed and replaced by ByPathAdapter.getSite(@Nullable String siteId, @Nullable String rootSegment)

  • Config Property Removed: 'caas.cacheCapacities' - Cache capacities can be configured instead via com.coremedia.cache.config.CacheConfigurationProperties


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