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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Logging Standardization

The logging setup has changed to implement a more standardized setup. This includes:

  • the removal of any thirdparty logback appenders to push logs to a log aggregation like elasticsearch.

  • the removal of the Spring-Boot elk profile to activate elastic log aggregation

  • the removal of the com.coremedia.blueprint:logging-config maven module

  • the removal of any logback-spring.xml in favor of Spring-Boot standard setup

  • the removal of the Studio Console logfile endpoint

  • a simpler default logging pattern

removal of logback appenders

Instead of using this approach please use one of the many log shippers available to send logfiles to an elastic stack.

removal of logback-spring.xml files

If you need to customize your logging you can readd logback-spring.xml files to the *-app/src/main/resources folder and follow the standard customization steps described in the Spring Boot documentation.

removal of Studio Console endpoint

The endpoint was intended to be used similar to the logfile endpoint of the standard Spring Boot actuators. To view the studio-console logger, please use standard log queries in your log aggregation stack of your choice to separate the studio-console logger from the studio-server logs.

standard console logging pattern

For an easier integration with log shippers, the logging pattern has been changed:

  • any coloring has been removed for console and file logging except for local profiles, when the application is started using the IDE or the spring-boot-maven-plugin .

  • the timestamp has been removed for standard console logging. The container logging always contains the timestamp and the shippers parse this timestamp anyway.

  • the pattern has been reordered so that the message is the last entry. This simplifies the handling of multiline strings.

The new logging pattern for the file logger will be:

%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %-7([%level]) \\(%thread\\) %logger [%X{tenant}] - %message%n

The new logging pattern for the console logger will be:

%-7([%level]) \\(%thread\\) %logger [%X{tenant}] - %message%n

If you want to keep the old pattern, set the following property respectively environment variable logging.pattern.file , LOGGING_PATTERN_FILE to

%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %-7([%level]) %logger [%X{tenant}] - %message \\(%thread\\)%n

For the console logger set logging.pattern.console or LOGGING_PATTERN_CONSOLE to

%clr(%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} -){faint} %clr(%7([%level])) %clr(%logger){cyan} [%X{tenant}] %clr(-){faint} %message \\(%thread\\)%n


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