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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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New Feature: Workflow Final Actions and Archiving of Aborted Workflows

Workflows can now declare custom final actions, which are executed after a workflow process has completed successfully or was aborted. To this end, a workflow definition can contain <FinalAction> elements with custom classes that implement the interface com.coremedia.cap.workflow.plugin.FinalAction .

Workflow definitions for publication, translation, and synchronization workflows have been adapted to use the new predefined final action ArchiveProcessFinalAction instead of the old ArchiveProcess task action. With this change, aborted workflow processes are archived in the same way as completed processes. Users can see their archived processes as finished workflows in Studio.

You have to re-upload these changed predefined workflow definitions using the " cm upload " tool to make use of the new functionality. The standard workflows studio-simple-publication.xml , studio-two-step-publication.xml , and /com/coremedia/translate/workflow/synchronization.xml can be uploaded by passing their name to the -n option of the cm upload tool. The workflow definition translation.xml from Blueprint directory apps/workflow-server/modules/cmd-tools/wfs-tools-application/src/main/app/properties/corem/workflows can be uploaded by passing the file name to the -f option of the cm upload tool.

The old ArchiveProcess action from package com.coremedia.workflow.common.actions has been deprecated. It's recommended to replace usages in custom workflow definitions with the ArchiveProcessFinalAction in the same way as in predefined workflow definitions.

For more details, have a look at section "Final Actions" in the Unified API Developer Manual and section "Customize Workflow Definitions" in the Workflow Manual .


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