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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Headless Server

Handling DataFetcherResult in DataFetchers

When the argument data of a DataFetcher (environment#getSource()) is wrapped in a DataFetcherResult, some DataFetchers did not resolve the value properly. This affected the FilteringDataFetcher, ConvertingDataFetcher and CapStructPropertyDataFetcher. The filter predicates InProductionFilterPredicate and ValidityDateFilterPredicate were not applied then, which led to unexpected visibility issues. This is fixed now.


Improved Exception Handling of Exceptions during Validation Phase

Exceptions during the validation phase of a GraphQL query resulted in a HTTP 500 error for a validation error, e.g. "maximum query depth exceeded". This was caused by an incorrect exception handling in the PreparsedDocumentProvider of CaasConfig . The bugfix now handles all Exceptions, returning a HTTP 200 OK with the correct GraphQL error message.


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