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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Removal: Deprecated Consumer, Function, Predicate Classes

The classes com.coremedia.common.util.Consumer , com.coremedia.common.util.Function and com.coremedia.common.util.Predicate have been deleted from the Java API. All usages have been replaced with the according JDK classes of package java.util.function .

The APIs of the Consumer and the Function classes are identical. If you have implemented own consumers or functions, you only have to change the implements clauses from com.coremedia.common.util.Consumer to java.util.function.Consumer . If you have own predicates, you must change the implements clause and rename the include method to test .

The Functions and Consumers utility classes from the same package have also been deleted, since they make no sense without the actual classes, and were trivial anyway. The Predicates class still exists, but has been deprecated and usages can be replaced as described in its API documentation.


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