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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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2. Overview

CoreMedia Content Cloud releases have one of the following types:

  • Advanced Maintenance Pack (AMP) contain mostly bug fixes and minor improvements. AMPs are kept free of breaking changes, meaning that projects usually have only minor upgrade work to carry out, for example merging and regression testing.

  • Advanced Enhancement Pack (AEP) also contain bug fixes and improvements. But they also include new features and enhancements, which might be breaking. Therefore, projects are often required to carry out upgrade tasks.

    The very first AEP release of a new major version (for example, CoreMedia CMS 9) that is available to all customers, is also called the General Availability (GA) release.

The release overview site at provides an overview of all available release versions of CoreMedia Content Cloud.

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The release notes of CoreMedia Content Cloud are sorted by the main modules of the CoreMedia system. Each section bundles details about a number of technical components as shown in the following table:

  • CoreMedia Core: All changes related to the CoreMedia core components.

    Content Server
    Workflow Server
    Content Application Engine (CAE)
    Content Feeder
    Site Manager
    Search Engine
    Command Line Tools
  • CoreMedia Studio: All changes related to CoreMedia Studio

  • CoreMedia Elastic Social: All changes related to Elastic Social

  • CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization: All changes related to Adaptive Personalization

  • CoreMedia Frontend: All changes related to the CoreMedia Frontend Workspace.

  • CoreMedia Headless Server: All changes related to CoreMedia Headless Server

  • CoreMedia Workspace: All changes related to the CoreMedia Workspace.

  • CoreMedia Deployment: All changes related to the CoreMedia Deployment.

  • Miscellaneous: All changes which cannot be assigned to a specific module.

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