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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

Removal: Deprecated TabManager Classes/Interfaces

The following deprecated classes/interfaces have been removed from `editor-components`:

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated TabManager Classes/Interfaces” for upgrade information.


Removal: CommerceConnection#getVendorXXX Methods

The following methods of the interface com.coremedia.livecontext.ecommerce.common.CommerceConnection were removed without replacement:

Follow Section, “Removal: CommerceConnection#getVendorXXX Methods” for upgrade information.


Removal: Studio Packages Proxy App

The Studio Packages Proxy App has been removed. The new plugin mechanism can be used instead. See documentation for details.


For contents having a "data"-property, the links for those blobs are now rendered instead of simple content links

Render links for blobs in the headless richtext instead of the previous content links which weren`t optimal for content types like CMDownload or CMPicture where you might just be interested in the link to the data.


Removal: Legacy Search Facets API from Studio

The support for the legacy commerce search facets had been removed from the Studio client and backend. The facet editor for product lists does only support the multi-facet selection from now on.

Follow Section, “Removal: Legacy Search Facets API from Studio” for upgrade information.


Studio Client Resource Bundle Changes

In the process of pulling features out of the editor-components module in order to make them available for the new Workflow app, many changes to resource bundles had to be made (these changes are in addition to the changes that happened due to the new content type localization mechanism). As the list is too extensive for a release note, we refer to this link to a Coremedia Help Center article .


Moved: Modules Moved to new Package

The following modules have been moved to the new npm package @coremedia/studio-client.main.ckeditor4-components

Follow Section, “Moved: Modules Moved to new Package” for upgrade information.


Deprecation: Configuration hideIssuesButton in Control Room

Deprecated configuration hideIssuesButton of com.coremedia.cms.editor.controlroom.workflow.translation.DefaultTranslationWorkflowDetailForm as it has no effect anymore. The property will be removed in the next major release


BooleanPropertyField Label Changes

We fixed a bug where BooleanPropertyFields had no tooltip. For this, we changed an internal plugin of the field. To this end, resource bundles need to be adapted to display the correct field labels.

Follow Section, “BooleanPropertyField Label Changes” for upgrade information.


ILinkListWrapper Manipulation Methods Are Now Asynchronous By Signature

We needed to change the behaviour of #setLinks(), #addLinks(), #addLinksAtIndex(), #moveLinks(), #moveLinksToIndex() and #removeLinksAtIndex() for some important implementations of ILinkListWrapper to be asynchronous. As a consequence, we changed the signature of these methods to return a Promise. In custom implementations where no asynchronicity is needed, the code can simply be changed as in the following example.

Follow Section, “ILinkListWrapper Manipulation Methods Are Now Asynchronous By Signature” for upgrade information.


Fixed Inconsistent Usage of ILinkListWrapper#acceptsLinks

The function ILinkListWrapper#acceptsLinks had unclear documentation and therefore was neither used nor implemented consistently.

Follow Section, “Fixed Inconsistent Usage of ILinkListWrapper#acceptsLinks” for upgrade information.


Simplified Most of the Configuration to [ExtConfig]

We simplified most of our configuration for Ext-Components from Bindable to ExtConfig . In case you are not working only with our Public API (and not, for example, with native JavaScript in Studio) this has no impact. Otherwise you might need to change access to configuration in your native JavaScript from "getSomeConfig" and "setSomeConfig" to "someConfig".


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