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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Client

LibraryTree declares drop events

Since LibraryTree always adds a ContentTreeViewDragDropPlugin, it now declares the additional events fired by that plugins as its own events. This allows you to attach listeners for these events in a type-safe way. This affects the events beforedrop and drop . Without the fix, to add listeners for these event, you must use a type assertion ( as any ) or ignore the resulting type error ( //@ts-expect-error ).


Deprecation: OpenCalais

The OpenCalais integration for automatic tagging of content has been deprecated and will be removed with the next major release. For now, it has been disabled in the TaxonomyStudioPlugin.ts .


Unified Uploads

The global or site specific configuration file "Upload Settings" or "UploadSettings" is responsible for timeout configurations now. If not configured, the default timeout of five minutes is used. This value may be overwritten via updating the variable _UploadSettings.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS_.


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