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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Use stable IDs in CAE Fragment Requests, if Possible

So far the id parameter of commerce fragment requests from the CoreMedia fragment connector to the CAE were treated as external technical IDs, whereas all other communication uses stable external IDs for commerce entities. This leads to unnecessary cache misses, commerce communication and memory consumption in the CAE and commerce adapter caches.

If possible the external ID should be used in fragment requests and also should be treated as external ID on the CAE side from now on. If the commerce system cannot pass the external ID into the fragment parameters, because only the technical ID is available, then this behavior must be configured on the commerce adapter side.

The property "metadata.additional-metadata.allow-tech-ids=true" has to be set for the commerce adapter, if you want to continue using the external technical ID for commerce entities in the fragment connector. For customer running a HCL setup the configuration "metadata.additional-metadata.allow-tech-ids=true" is set by default in the commerce adapter wcs, since the fragment parameters passed from the fragment connector contain technical entity IDs by default.


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