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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Deployment

Fix warning about spring.profiles at application startup

The coremedia/java-application-base image accepts a SPRING_PROFILES environment variable to enable Spring profiles. With newer versions of Spring Boot, SPRING_PROFILES is interpreted as the spring.profiles systemproperty which cannot be set as it is a node in the property tree and not a leaf.

With the update to coremedia/java-application-base:2.4.0-* , the SPRING_PROFILES environment variable will be unset before the application is started. The value of the environment variable is however passed to the start of the application to enable all requested profiles.


File logging can be disabled

File logging could not be disabled for container based environments. This behavior was fixed with a conditional log back configuration. To disable file logging, set environment variable "LOGGING_FILE_NAME" to an empty value.


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