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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Frontend Workspace

New Supported File Types for Theme Importer

The ThemeImporter in the blueprint supports additionally file types. webp and avif as images and wasm and json as static resources. If the files are located inside the preconfigured folders like img/ , images/ or vendor/ , they will be copied into the theme zip file automatically. Otherwise add them to your webpack configuration according to the documentation in the Frontend Manual.


Added Lazy Loading to Images

All images in the frontend blueprint, rendered by Freemarker, got an extra attribute loading="lazy" by default. All modern browsers support this lazy loading mechanism, which will increase the render time of websites in the browser.


Allow Standalone JavaScripts Files in Themes

Added a new feature that allows building standalone JavaScript files with Webpack in our themes. More information can be found in the Frontend Developer Manual.


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