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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Headless Server

Refactor PluginConfiguration

Remove usage of superfluous "name" attribute in Bean Annotation and introduce constant for bean name for custom SchemaAdapterBeanResolver.


Fix rendering of richtext in settings

Properly invoke the RichTextAdapter in the Converter for the settings-JSON so RichText gets displayed properly in settings.


Fix behaviour of CMHTML data property

CMHTML data property now gets properly resolved. It is possible to retrieve a URL for a markup and download it in a separate request.


Fix various nullability related issues

Cleared interfaces and implementing classes to properly deal with nullability annotations in Headless Server.


[Headless] Exposing Missing SEO Properties

The missing properties for CMLinkable "htmlTitle", "keywords" and "htmlDescription" were added to the content schema.


Fix broken handling of arrays in input values for headless persisted queries and rest endpoint

Arrays passed as input values for the persisted queries and the rest endpoint are now converted correctly and work as intended. With this it is also possible to pass arrays as parameters of queries.


Ignore destroyed contents in LinkListAdapter

Ignore destroyed contents in LinkListAdapter to avoid returning them.


Fix ViewBySiteFilterDataFetcher not checking DataFetcherResults

The ViewBySiteFilterDataFetcher now also properly can deal with DataFetcherResults and not just accepts them.


Configuration of custom Solr fields

Custom Solr fields can be configured for the Headless-Server to be used in Search or QueryLists. See documentation for details.


SchemaParser ignores type extensions for inherited types

The SchemaParser is responsible to apply the @inherit custom directive, thus apply all inherited fields throughout a type hierarchy. The inheritance did not took fields of type extensions into account. This misbehaviour was fixed.


Headless Server sends HTTP header Strict-Transport-Security by default

Headless Server now sends by default a Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header with the default value of "max-age= 63072000; includeSubdomains". The content of the header can be configured by application properties. Please see the deployment manual for details.


Slightly improved error message handling

For security reasons, Headless Server does not expose any textual error messages anymore, when running in live mode. This prevents any unwanted, accidental exposure of server side error messages which might leak information potentially useful for attackers. In preview mode, error messages are still part of the JSON error response.


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