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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Core

Directory permissions and ownership corrected for management-tools image

With this release, the management-tools image directory ownership for some directories will be fixed and set correctly to coremedia:coremedia . Affected directories are:

  • /coremedia

  • /coremedia/tools

In addition the following directories have been made volumes and are precreated so the tools can actually write to it, even when they are anonymous volumes.

  • coremedia/export

  • coremedia/import


Third-Party Update : Netty

Netty has been updated to version 4.1.72.Final to avoid security vulnerabilities of the previous version.


Updated documentation of extensions and their dependencies

The section "Extensions and Their Dependencies" of the Blueprint manual has been updated. Before, the extension es-alx was listed in a wrong context.


Third-Party Update: NGINX

The NGINX docker image that is used with CMCC has been updated to 1.21.5-alpine to avoid security issues of the previous version.


Third-Party Update: JDOM2

JDOM2 has been updated to version to avoid a reported security vulnerability of the previous version (CVE-2021-33813).


Fixed Content Feeder for slow content queries

Fixed a bug in the Content Feeder that caused delayed index updates and blocked JMX calls, when it executed a long-running content query for less important changes that should be processed in the background.


"Force" Option for workflowconverter

As an alternative to -c, you can now use -f in order to enforce conversion of process definitions. This is useful, if an LDAP group, which is used as role in a process definition, accidentally vanishes, reappears and gets a new CAP ID in the contentserver. The workflowconverter checks only for class incompatibilities but does not detect invalid group ids, and thus would not convert the workflow without the force option.


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