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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Studio Server

Fixed Notification Menu Closing Bug

Fixed an issue where the notification menu was closed when clicking on it's scrollbar.


Mimetype of uploaded xpi files is now recognized as application/x-xpinstall

Prior to the fix they have been recognized as application/zip.


Improve 'mayPreview' of ConfigureDocumentTypePlugin

The mayPreview check is now executed for the complete hierarchy of a document type. The check was previously only executed for the first function that matches any type of the given content type.


Fixed Caching Bug for View Types

Fixed a bug in the view type selector where wrong variants have shown or none at all for different document types.


Error for Editing History of Deleted User Fixed

We fixed an error that occurred when you view the editing history of a document where some versions were created by a user that was deleted in the meantime.


Fixed Issue with Tab Expand Plugin

Fixed possible null error in the TabExpandPlugin which is responsible for the "Advanced Tab" setting in the user preferences.


Fixed Error in Job Tooltip

Fixed a null error inside the running job panel.


Reject requests against Studio Server until the application is live and ready

Depending on the deployment circumstances, Studio Server may have accepted requests before the application was live and ready. This lead to broken JSON responses and broken studio client sessions. This bug has been fixed by adding a filter that rejects requests during Studio startup and permits requests when Studio is live and ready.


Fixed initialization of Studio ObjectMapper

Fixed a bug that caused the Studio ObjectMapper to get initialized without the DateSerializer required by the Studio Client under rare conditions.


Third-Party Update: Liquibase

Liquibase has been updated to 4.3.5.


Fixed Tooltip of Notification Menu Button

The tooltip of the Notification menu button wasn't showing the proper amount of unread notifications. This has been fixed now.


Embedding a CMHTML document into the richtext editor no longer leads to errors

There was a bug when embedding a CMHTML document to the richtext editor causing JavaScript errors and breaking Studio. This has been fixed now.


Theme Importer

The Theme Importer did not recognize changes of the defer flag for Javascript resources from true to false when reimporting a theme. This is fixed now.


Fix StackoverflowError in Studio Server when starting sync workflow

Fixed a bug that caused a StackoverflowError in the Studio Server when a synchronization workflow was started for content with illegal cyclic master link structures.


Fixed Referrer Invalidations

In some situations the order of invalidations regarding referrers of a content was not deterministic. This lead to stale cache entries that still contained outdated referrers. The order of referrer invalidations is now fixed in the U-API client. This especially solves an error that shows "Cycle detected in tree relation" in the log or a Studio validator message regarding a cycle in the navigation, although the cyclic link was already removed from the content repository.


Enhanced Error Handling For Editorial Comments When Connected to Old Server

Due to missing support for User-UUID support in old content management servers, you may have observed occurrences of EditorialCommentsPersistenceException with rather vague errors on column CREATOR_ID .

The error handling has been enhanced in that way, that you will get a clear error message for this state: The Content Server does not provide a UUID for user. This may happen if Content Server version is before 2007.1 (message of a corresponding NullPointerException ).


Studio Locale Cookie with SameSite Lax

Firefox was complaining about the Studio locale cookie having sameSite=none and at the same time not being secure. Firefox also threatens to disregard the cookie in the near future which will result in Studio not loading anymore whenever a locale different from the default locale is stored in a user's EditorPreferences.

The cookie now has sameSite=Lax from 2101.4 and 2104.1 on. For older versions there is a workaround applicable to the config-init.js in Blueprint.

Replace the function loadScripts() with this:

  function loadScripts() {
    // create and append script elements
    function loadScript(attributes) {
      var script = document.createElement('script');
      script.async = false;
      script.type = 'text/javascript';
      Object.keys(attributes).forEach(function (a) {
        script[a] = attributes[a];


    var attributeList = [
      {src: window.coremediaRemoteServiceUri + 'supported-locales.js'},
      {src: window.coremediaRemoteServiceUri + 'accept-language-header.js'},
      {src: 'resources/before-ext-load.js'},
      {id: 'microloader', 'data-app': '906bf4bf-9a7d-42cc-b7a5-6ef30df325e9', src: 'bootstrap.js'}



and add:

  function patchJooLocaleSupportWhenReady() {
    joo.___localeSupport = joo.localeSupport;
    Object.defineProperty(joo, "localeSupport", {
      get: function () {
        return joo.___localeSupport;
      set: function (ls) {
        joo.___localeSupport = ls;

        ls.setLocale = function (newLocale/*:String*/)/*:String*/ {
          ls.locale = ls.findSupportedLocale(newLocale);
          // either create, update or remove (if locale===null) the Cookie:
          setLaxCookie(ls.localeCookieName, ls.locale, ls.localeCookiePath,
                  ls.locale ? getLocaleCookieExpiry() : new Date(0),
          return ls.getLocale(); // use getter to re-compute fallback logic for locale==null and cache the result

        return ls.getLocale();

  function setLaxCookie(name, value, path, expires, domain) {
    //noinspection FallThroughInSwitchStatementJS
    document.cookie =
            name + "=" + encodeURIComponent(value || "") +
            ((expires === null) ? "" : ("; expires=" + expires.toGMTString())) +
            ((path === null) ? "" : ("; path=" + path)) +
            ((domain === null) ? "" : ("; domain=" + domain)) + "; SameSite=Lax"

  function getLocaleCookieExpiry()/*:Date*/ {
    var date/*:Date*/ = new Date();
    date.setTime(date.getTime() + (DAYS_TILL_LOCALE_COOKIE_EXPIRY * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000));
    return date;


Fixed VisibilityValidator bug that caused NoSuchPropertyDescriptorException

Fixed a bug in the Studio VisibilityValidator that could lead to an exception of type NoSuchPropertyDescriptorException when issues were computed for a page, and if a link was missing in the page grid structure.


BlobUploadXmpDataInterceptor merging existing local settings now

If local settings are already existing when calling BlobUploadXmpDataInterceptor, they will now be merged and won't be overwritten anymore.


Fixed Problem With Vanished Characters in Text Fields / Areas

We fixed a bug where characters vanished in text fields and text areas when one was typing fast.


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