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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Content Application Engine

Multi Catalog Preview

Commerce categories and products from a non-default catalog are now correctly opened in the preview using the correct catalog. This currently only affects our HCL Commerce integration out of the box, which supports multiple catalogs.


Fixed support for IE expressions in legacy template Page._additionalHead.ftl

Fixed support for IE expressions in legacy template "Page._additionalHead.ftl" of "cae-base-lib" causing that no IE specific CSS/JS was loaded at all under certain conditions (e.g. if the "page" brick was not used).


Updated blueprint to support projects with only corporate-cae as extension

Added the module ec-cae-lib as runtime dependency to corporate-cae to solve CAE startup failure on projects that ran the blueprint with only the corporate cae extension enabled.


Fixed resolution of local message resources in developer mode

The loading of message resources from the local workspace (when delivery.local-resources=true ) has been fixed. Like CSS and JS resources, they are now loaded from the extra resources directories (see configuration of spring.boot.tomcat.extraResources ).


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