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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Migrated Blueprint Content Hub Adapters to Plugins

The extensions for the Content Hub Adapters

  • content-hub-adapter-rss

  • content-hub-adapter-youtube

have been removed from the Blueprint.

These adapters are now released as separate plugins which are available on GitHub.

By default, the plugins are bundled with the blueprint.

For details on bundled plugins see workspace-configuration/plugins/ in the Blueprint workspace and section "Plugin Descriptors and Bundled Plugins" in the Blueprint Developer Manual.

To remove these bundled plugins, go to workspace-configuration/plugins/ remove the entries from the file plugin-descriptors.json and run mvn generate-resources .

If you have customized the adapters, you can keep your customized extensions, but must remove the bundled plugins as described above. Nevertheless, in the long run, you should consider migrating your extensions to plugins as well.


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