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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Fixed a bug preventing apps to shutdown properly

Apps using the CoreMedia cache sometimes failed to destroy the cache instance leaving a thread named "coremedia-cache-CacheTimer" behind. This thread is now terminated when the spring application context shuts down.


Third-Party Update: Tomcat

Tomcat has been updated to version 9.0.58 to avoid security vulnerabilities of the previous version.


Third-Party Update: Spring Boot 2.5.8

In order to benefit from the improvements of the latest version of the Spring framework and to prepare for making use of the new features various 3rd party libraries have been updated.

  • Caffeine 2.9.3

  • GSON 2.8.9

  • Hibernate 5.4.33

  • HttpCore 4.4.15

  • Micrometer 1.7.7

  • Spring Boot 2.5.8

  • Spring Data 2021.0.7

  • Spring Framework 5.3.14

  • Spring Security 5.5.4

  • XmlUnit2 2.8.4


Updated Protocol Buffers for Java to 3.19.3

Updated dependencies to version 3.19.3 to fix known security vulnerabilities.


Third-Party Update : Jackson

Jackson has been updated to version 2.12.6 to avoid security vulnerabilities of the previous version.


Shared HCL/WCS Commerce Proxy enhancements

The blueprint based commerce-proxy in the Docker deployment was enhanced to better support shared HCL/WCS Commerce setups where multiple CMS systems share a single commerce system. Product Asset URLs using the catalogimage path are now postprocessed in the commerce proxy and the hostname is now correctly set to the proxied CMS hostname instead of the default cmsHost that is configured in the commerce system.


Images: Parameters in MIME types fixed

During transformation a lookup by MIME type must be done to find MIME type specific implementations. The MIME type was compared with parameters. MIME types are syntactically allowed to have parameters (see RFC 2046) but for images no parameters are specified. Unfortunately if there were parameters no specific implementation could be found even if it was possible to transform the image.

Now the MIME type parameters are ignored for the lookup.


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