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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Content Application Engine

Removed from component scan

The package has been removed from Spring component scan to avoid conflicts with auto configuration and unwanted instantiation of SocialWebSecurityConfigurerAdapter when a custom WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter is in place.


Cache Classes Listing in DataViewFactory MBean fixed

Fixed displayed cache classes in DataViewFactory#getCacheSizes MBean


Avoid Cache Deadlock for TransformedBlobKey

Avoided calling equals on the original blob as that results in a deadlock within the cache. CapBlobRefImpl is dereferenced while calling com.coremedia.transform.impl.CachedTransformedBlob#getETag which results in avoiding cache deadlock


PageGrid Issue on Category and Product Pages Fixed

In rare cases it could happen that wrong content was delivered from the cache. The reason was a problem with the identity of the PageGridCacheKey.


Fixed cache size handling of the DataViewFactory

The default com.coremedia.objectserver.dataviews.DataViewFactory bean now respects cache sizes that have already bean configured on the cache. If a cache size for a dataview class is defined inside the dataviews XML file as well as by a cache.capacities spring property, then the Spring property wins.


CapBlobHandlerTest doesn't fail even if mediatransform.xml is populated

There has been some refactoring since 2101.2 and the bug is not reproducible since 2101.3.


Sanitize user-data before logging it

User data provided is now sanitized before logging the entry to the log files, thus avoiding log injection.


Added hint for TransformedBlobCache usage

Added hint to CAE Developer Manual, that the transformed blob cache can only be used by one CAE.


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