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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Improved Translation Workflow Auto-Merge

The "Auto-Merge" feature used in translation workflows to copy property values from master to derived content items has been improved. In previous releases, it completely ignored translatable properties and never changed such properties in the derived content. This has been changed because it could lead to unexpected results, especially for properties nested in structs. Furthermore, the merge algorithm was improved for link annotations.

Translatable (nested) property values are no longer excluded from auto-merge, but will be copied from the master to the derived content in the same way as other values. However, opposed to non-translatable properties, if the derived content already contains a different value for a translatable property, for example some translated text, then the value of the derived content will be kept and no warning about a merge conflict will be shown. Furthermore, for annotated links like teaser targets with "call-to-action" texts or channel page grid links with validity dates: if a link is removed or replaced in the master content, then the auto-merge feature will also remove or replace the link correctly in the derived content, even if some annotation properties of that link were changed in the derived content. With previous releases some annotation values could remain, even if the actual link had been removed. This has been fixed.

The previous behavior can still be restored by setting the following Spring configuration properties for the Workflow Server as follows:



These properties are documented in the Deployment Manual, section "CoreMedia Properties Overview | Workflow Server Properties".


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