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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CurrentStoreContext and UserStoreContext API change

Deprecated methods have been removed from com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.ecommerce.common.CurrentStoreContext and com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.ecommerce.common.CurrentUserContext .

get , set and find APIs need explicitly the ServletRequest as a parameter.

UserContext and StoreContext dependent implementations have been modified with the following breaking changes

  • com.coremedia.livecontext.ecommerce.order.CartService methods accept a UserContext as an argument.

  • com.coremedia.livecontext.ecommerce.p13n.SegmentService#findSegmentsForCurrentUser accept a UserContext as an argument.

  • The methods withUserContex and getUserContext have been removed from com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.client.common.GenericStoreContextBuilder .

  • Deprecated getCatalogPicture , findPictures and findVisuals methods have been removed from com.coremedia.livecontext.ecommerce.asset.AssetService


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