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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Fixed Inconsistent Usage of ILinkListWrapper#acceptsLinks

The function ILinkListWrapper#acceptsLinks had unclear documentation and therefore was neither used nor implemented consistently.

  1. The most common use case was to only pass the links to be added to the link list like the first sentence of the documentation applied.

  2. Some usages also prepended the existing links of the link list to the links to add before passing the array to the function. This has implied that all links are meant to be replaced.

CoreMedia adopted all implementations to the most common use case (see 1) and added an optional second parameter named replaceLinks that can be used if the other usage was meant.

Upgrade Notes
  1. In case you make use of the method acceptsLinks please check if you need to set the parameter replaceLinks .

  2. In case you have implemented an own implementation of ILinkListWrapper please adjust your implementation of the acceptsLinks method accordingly to consider the replaceLinks flag. It is also expected that a check against getFreeCapacity (or if replaceLinks is set to true against getTotalCapacity ) is made to make sure the links to be added fit into the link list.


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