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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Removed Usage of PowerMock Java Test Library

Previous releases used the PowerMock library in a small number of Java unit tests to mock static methods and object construction. These usages have now been replaced with new functionality of the Mockito testing library. PowerMock isn't used anymore.

Follow Section, “Removed Usage of PowerMock Java Test Library” for upgrade information.


The site-manager container image is now also build with google jib

Because of this change, the convenience feature, that the zip will be configured at startup has been removed.


Support for IBM DB2 has been removed

Support for IBM DB2 has been removed


Removal: Deprecated Private API BlobHelper Class

The private API class com.coremedia.cap.transform.undoc.BlobHelper has been removed.

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated Private API BlobHelper Class” for upgrade information.


Removal: Deprecated Editorial Comments cache properties* Properties

The deprecated configuration properties* have been removed.

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated Editorial Comments cache properties* Properties” for upgrade information.


Removal: Deprecated SettingsPageResourceBundleFactory Class

The deprecated class com.coremedia.blueprint.cae.web.i18n.SettingsPageResourceBundleFactory has been deleted. If you still like it, keep it in your project code. As alternative, it is recommended moving resource bundles to resourceBundles , and using LinklistPageResourceBundleFactory instead.


Removal: Deprecated ThemeImporterImpl#legacyExternalLinkToDocumentName Method

The deprecated method com.coremedia.blueprint.themeimporter.ThemeImporterImpl#legacyExternalLinkToDocumentName has been deleted. If you still like it, keep it in your project code. Otherwise, it is recommended using stringToDocumentName instead.


Removal: Deprecated UserProvider2 Interface

The interface UserProvider2 has been deleted. If you are still using it in your project code, simply switch to UserProvider .


Removal: Deprecated Legacy RuleProviders Classes

com.coremedia.blueprint.base.links.impl.PropertiesRuleProvider and com.coremedia.blueprint.base.links.impl.SitesRuleProvider have been deleted from the Java API, incl. the bpbase-links-legacy.xml configuration file. You probably do not use the classes directly in your project code. Instead, check if you still import the legacy configuration file in the blueprint-links.xml file in the cae-base-lib module, and eventually migrate to the AbsoluteUrlPrefixRuleProvider .


Removal: Deprecated LdapMember#getOrganizationalUnit Method

We have finally deleted LdapMember#getOrganizationalUnit , which has never been used. If you have implemented the LdapMember interface, you can delete the method. You must at least delete the @Override annotation.

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated LdapMember#getOrganizationalUnit Method” for upgrade information.


Removal: Property

The deprecated application property has been removed. Please use its replacement .


Migrated Blueprint Content Hub Adapters to Plugins

The extensions for the Content Hub Adapters

Follow Section, “Migrated Blueprint Content Hub Adapters to Plugins” for upgrade information.


Dropped supported deprecated databases, servers, and browsers

With CMCC v11 the following deprecated databases and servers are not supported anymore: IBM DB2, MySQL 5.7, Postgres 9.6, MongoDB 3.6, and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard.

Follow Section, “Dropped supported deprecated databases, servers, and browsers” for upgrade information.


New API For Custom Workflow Extension Point

Accompanying the new Workflow app, there is a new API to add custom workflows. The former API was targeted specifically at the Control Room in the main Studio.The new API can be used to customize both the main Studio and the Workflow App.

Follow Section, “New API For Custom Workflow Extension Point” for upgrade information.


Removal: Corporate Extension Modules for Content Server

The (content) server modules for the corporate extension were empty and have been removed:

Follow Section, “Removal: Corporate Extension Modules for Content Server” for upgrade information.


Removal: Unused class SiteToStoreContextCacheKeyWithTimeout

The deprecated class com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.ecommerce.common.SiteToStoreContextCacheKeyWithTimeout was part of the legacy Blueprint commerce integration and has been removed in favour of the Commerce Hub integration.


New API for Content Type Localization

To support content type localization in both the Main Studio App and the Workflow App (and further apps in the future), we fundamentally changed the API to localize doctypes. One particular change is the direct support for SVG icons.

Follow Section, “New API for Content Type Localization” for upgrade information.


Removal: Old live context settings struct

The old '' StructProperty was removed for all commerce Hub enabled sites, tests and demo data. Please use only the new struct below the 'commerce' struct. For more details see JavaDoc for In addition and it's usages were removed completely, the is used instead. Please note: the cms catalog is not affected by this refactoring as it's not a commerce hub enabled site.


Removal: Deprecated API of TransformImageService

The following methods have been deleted from the Java API:

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated API of TransformImageService” for upgrade information.


Logging Standardization

The logging setup has changed to implement a more standardized setup. This includes:

Follow Section, “Logging Standardization” for upgrade information.


Removal: Optimizely Extension

The extension Optimizely has been removed from applications CAE and Studio-Client . The settings starting with " optimizely. " have no effect anymore and can be removed from custom content. Additionally the helper class has been removed.


New Blueprint Parent

A new parent POM cms-blueprint-parent has been introduced and is used as (transitive) parent for every Blueprint module. It contains basic plugin management, especially for the install- and deploy-plugin for which it is important that all modules use the same versions. If you need a custom parent in your Blueprint, you can simply search and replace our parent element. You could use the cms-blueprint-parent as parent of your custom parent, or integrate the pluginManagement as necessary.


Replaced deprecated org.junit.Assert.assertThat

All remaining occurrences of the deprecated org.junit.Assert.assertThat have been replaced by the equivalent org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat .


Replaced Guava Function and co. with JDK counterparts

Guava Optional, Function, Predicate, Supplier and most Guava utilities from have been replaced with their JDK counterparts. Most of these Guava features are available in the JDK by now, so it is unnecessary to bother with a third-party library. Although it is not required, we would recommend that you also refactor these Guava usages in your code for consistency.


Removal: Deprecated Consumer, Function, Predicate Classes

The classes com.coremedia.common.util.Consumer , com.coremedia.common.util.Function and com.coremedia.common.util.Predicate have been deleted from the Java API. All usages have been replaced with the according JDK classes of package java.util.function .

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated Consumer, Function, Predicate Classes” for upgrade information.


Implementations of Comparable: Added Type Arguments

For several parts of the public API the implementation of the Comparable interface now uses correct generic type arguments. As part of this change, following interfaces/classes have been updated by adding type parameter.

Follow Section, “Implementations of Comparable: Added Type Arguments” for upgrade information.


Consolidate Blueprint groupIds and versions

The Blueprint now uses the groupId com.coremedia.blueprint for every module and Blueprint modules are now always referenced by using ${project.version}. The following groupIds are no longer used:

Follow Section, “Consolidate Blueprint groupIds and versions” for upgrade information.


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