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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Third-Party Update: CKEditor 4 to 4.17.1

CKEditor 4 has been updated to 4.17.1. It is included in @jangaroo/ckeditor4 , version 1.1.0.

For details, see recent release notes:

This update comes with XSS vulnerability fixes rated as important by CKEditor.

While in CoreMedia Blueprint, no adaptions had to be applied using the new CKEditor 4 version, CKEditor did some API changes with release of version 4.17.0 which may affect your adaptions.

Note, that as of 4.17.0 the Flash Plugin ( ) has been removed from CKEditor 4. If you depend on this plugin, consider carefully, if you may skip the update of @jangaroo/ckeditor4 .


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