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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Refactoring of Adapters

Due to an internal refactoring, some of the adapters used in the content-schema had to be refactored as well. Where possible we tried to be non breaking. Nonetheless some changes lead to breaking changes in the content-schema:

  • byPathAdapter

  • pageGridAdapter

  • commerce extension: productPageGridAdapter

  • commerce extension: categoryPageGridAdapter

Also affected by the refactoring is the class SearchQueryHelper: These methods were dropped:

  • public static String validFromPastToValueQuery(String fieldName)

  • public static String validFromValueToFutureQuery(String fieldName)

Please use the full signature methods with the additional call parameter ZonedDateTime actualTime.

This public API class was removed without a replacement, as the refactoring made it redundant: ExecutionResultHandlerHelper


Search Results

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