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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Content Server and Workflow Server do not use corem.home anymore

The corem.home directory and system property are no longer used by the Content Server and Workflow Server.

For the Content Server a new Spring property cap.server.base-dir has been introduced to control the base directory for other configuration properties when using relative paths. By default, the property is set to the value of the user.dir system property. For the Blueprint Docker images this is the /coremedia directory. The following properties have been adapted and support relative file paths (some defaults have changed):

  • cap.server.license (file / url, default: )

  • cap.server.document-types (file / url patterns, default: classpath*:framework/doctypes/**/*.xml )

  • cap.server.login.authentication (file / url, default: classpath:coremedia-jaas.conf resp. classpath:blueprint-jaas.conf )

  • cap.server.login.bouncers (file, default: empty)

  • cap.server.encrypt-passwords-key-file (file, default: etc/keys/DATABASE_NAME.DATABASE_USER.rijndael )

  • replicator.tmp-dir (directory, default: var/tmp )

The Workflow Server has only one new property which has not been configurable before, that allows a relative file-path, which is now relative to the value of the user.dir system property:

  • workflow.working-dir (directory, default: var/tmp )

The Workflow Server does not use cap.client.server.ior.url anymore, you have to use workflow.ior-url instead.

The command-line-tools still use corem.home , and as the Docker image for the Workflow Server also contains the workflow converter tool, it still sets corem.home but it is not used in the server itself.

The deprecated method CapSystemInfo#getInstallationPath has been removed (see CMS-19437).

The following modules that were used to create a corem-home directory structure for the servers have been removed:

  • content-server-config

  • content-server-blueprint-config

  • workflow-server-config

  • workflowserver-blueprint-config


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