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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Frontend Workspace

Removal: IE11 Support in Themes and Bricks

The example themes and bricks in the frontend workspace do not support Internet Explorer 11 anymore by removing it from the browserlist entry in the package.json . Also extra polyfills for IE11 in the blueprint bricks and in the tooling have been removed. You can still add polyfills or custom styles for IE11 to themes and bricks in your projects. You may need to adapt the webpack and babel configuration.


Changed Package Manager in Frontend Workspace from yarn to pnpm

The package manager of the frontend workspace has been changed from yarn to pnpm . Yarn in version 1 is not maintained anymore and pnpm is fast, efficient, strict and supports monorepos without additional libraries like lerna . Please check for more details and installation. Please use the latest 6.x version of pnpm . Changes to the tooling should not affect any bricks or themes in your project.

Follow Section, “Changed Package Manager in Frontend Workspace from yarn to pnpm” for upgrade information.


Third-Party Update: Node.js 16

Node.js has been updated to the latest LTS version 16. Please update your local installation to version 16 for local development too. Node.js version 14 is not supported!


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