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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Changed Package Manager in Frontend Workspace from yarn to pnpm

The package manager of the frontend workspace has been changed from yarn to pnpm . Yarn in version 1 is not maintained anymore and pnpm is fast, efficient, strict and supports monorepos without additional libraries like lerna . Please check for more details and installation. Please use the latest 6.x version of pnpm . Changes to the tooling should not affect any bricks or themes in your project.


  • Support for building the frontend workspace with maven or other package manager has been removed.

  • The lock file for pinned versions changed from yarn.lock to pnpm-lock.yaml

  • A new file for the workspace structure has been introduced: pnpm-workspace.yaml

  • All workspace commands work like before, but just with pnpm . Examples:

    • yarn install => pnpm install

    • yarn start => pnpm start

    • yarn build => pnpm build

Upgrade steps: Since pnpm uses a non-flat node_modules structure, it is important to check for missing dependencies in custom themes and bricks. Please remove all node_modules in your project workspace. If a build fails, add the missing dependency to your theme or brick according to the error message.

Optionally: Pnpm uses a different versioning for local dependencies (it adds a prefix workspace: before the version). You can run pnpm up -r to change the entries in the package.json files. All local dependencies in the blueprint themes and bricks have been changed to an even more generic way, because versions inside the workspace are not important. Example: "@coremedia/theme-utils": "^3.0.0" => "@coremedia/theme-utils": "workspace:*" .


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