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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Third-Party Update: Jackson

Jackson has been updated to version 2.13.2 and Jackson Databind has been updated to to avoid security vulnerability CVE-2020-36518.


Third-Party Updates: gRPC-Java 1.44.1 and Netty 4.1.74.Final

In order to benefit from fixes for known bugs and security issues, the gRPC-Java and Netty libraries have been updated to their latest versions:

  • io.grpc:*:1.44.1

  • io.netty:*:4.1.74.Final


Icon Fonts Should now Always be Up-to-date after Upgrading the Studio Client

We added a timestamp to the URL the icon font is loaded from so new versions will always be updated after upgrading the Studio Client.


Third-Party Update: commons-dbcp2

Apache commons-dbcp2 has been updated to version 2.9.0 to avoid a security issue of the previous version.


Third-Party Update: PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

The PostgreSQL JDBC driver has be updated to version 42.3.3 to avoid security issues of the previous version (CVE-2022-21724, GHSA-673j-qm5f-xpv8).


Third-Party Update: ImageIO 3.8.2

In order to benefit from the latest security improvements the third-party library ImageIO was updated to version 3.8.2


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