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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Added Search Filters for Library Extension

The Studio library does support search filters for extensions now. As a result, search filters can now be added for commerce integration. The existing search filters work as before and saved searches aren't affected by this change.

If custom search filters have been added to the library, the plugin rule declaration for adding this filter may have to change, depending on where the filter should be added. The library now has a separate search filter panel for every extension.

These are:

  • for regular content

  • for the content based product catalog

  • for commerce integrations

  • for the asset management

To add a custom filter, the usual AddItemsPlugin can be used on one of these panels. For example:

      <editor:plugins exml:mode="append">

Adding this code to a Studio plugin rules declaration will add the CustomFilter to the list of content filters. Also, the method editorContext.getEnabledSearchFilterIds() has been removed since simple adding a filter this way is sufficient now.

Removing existing filters works the same way: by using the RemoveItemsPlugin with the itemId of the corresponding filter.


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