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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Content Application Engine

Sitemap: Reduce Downtime by Improving the Recreation Strategy.

On recreation the sitemap has been removed before creating the new one. This has been changed. The new one will be created to a temporary folder first and afterwards the old one will be replaced.


Cache-Control Strategy can use Full Request Paths

The DefaultCacheControlStrategy can now be configured to use the full request path for pattern matching. When a request contains a semicolon in the path everything after a semicolon is cut in advance of applying the "for-url-pattern". This can be avoided by setting the "cae.cache-control.urlPath.removeSemicolonContent=false" configuration property. Additionally the "cae.cache-control.urlPath.useAlwaysFullPath" and "cae.cache-control.urlPath.urlDecode" configuration properties can be used to adapt the taken request URI path.


Configure CORS Allowed Origins with Studio Host for Preview CAE

The documentation of the cae.cors.allowed-origins-for-url-pattern configuration property has been extended with a suggestion to configure it with the Studio host for preview CAE. Furthermore the default Studio host was added to the cae.cors.allowed-origins-for-url-pattern configuration property in the of the preview CAE.

Please note that no similar configuration has been added to the default for the preview CAE, because we cannot anticipate allowed origins for production environments.


It is now possible to run the CAE without setting a context path

The CAE context path can now be set to the empty path as follows: `server.servlet.context-path=/`. The default was not changed and still uses "/blueprint".


Fixed handling of cyclic navigation structures in CAE

Fixed a bug where the CAE failed to render any page of a site whose root navigation was part of a cyclic navigation structure. For a cycle that contains the root navigation a better to understand error message is now rendered. Cyclic links on other hierarchy levels do not lead to broken previews anymore. A Studio validator and corresponding log messages are available in any case.


Deprecated Header and Footer in CMChannel

All contents of a page are maintained in the pagegrid meanwhile, therefore the header and footer properties of the CMChannel contentbean are unused and have been deprecated.


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