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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Plugins for Studio Client

The word plugin is used in the Studio client context with various meanings. While StudioPlugin and EditorPlugin are a possible way to customize the Studio client (see Section 9.3, “Studio Plugins” in Studio Developer Manual) the plugins that are described here are merely a way to package your code, so that you are able to add customizations at deployment time similar to the Java applications.

A Studio client plugin is just a normal npm package utilizing the jangaroo.npm build tooling containing code which should be executed when the plugin is loaded at runtime. The only specialty of the package in contrast to normal code packages is, that you need to execute the script package using pnpm run package to package your code together into a ZIP file instead of adding a dependency to the corresponding app in the Studio client.

The created ZIP file contains a directory packages that contains the corresponding plugin package as a subfolder which can be added to a Plugin Descriptor (see Section, “Plugin Descriptors and Bundled Plugins”).

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