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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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7.5 Cookies

Several customer facing modules of CoreMedia Content Cloud use cookies to fulfill their tasks.

Blueprint delivery CAE

The Blueprint delivery CAE is configured to not write any cookies. However, session cookies CM_SESSIONID and JSESSIONID are written, when a website visitor logs into the Blueprint delivery CAE. The name of these cookies may vary, depending on the deployment scenario.

Elastic Social

Elastic Social writes only one cookie:


A globally unique ID to identify the user's web browser

Adaptive Personalization

In the default configuration, CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization writes the cookies described in the list. CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization can also be configured to store data in CoreMedia Elastic Social user profiles.


Scoring of keywords attached to the visited contents.


A fixed-sized list of the last visited contents.


Scoring of location taxonomies attached to the visited contents


Search engine and search query that lead the visitor to the site.


Scoring of subject taxonomies attached to the visited contents.


When you use eCommerce, the Commerce Server writes cookies. For HCL Commerce the cookies are documented at

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