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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Configure Rendition Publication

Certain renditions can be excluded from publication. To do so the am-server-component comes with an AssetPublishInterceptor which reads the metadata property of assets to determine if a given rendition should be published or not.

The AssetPublishInterceptor bean is added to the Content Server and to the corresponding command-line tools. The following properties control the behavior of the interceptor:


The Struct property which contains the information whether to publish a rendition or not at path renditions.<rendition-name>.show. When the Boolean property show is true, the rendition blob will be published. Otherwise, the blob will not be available on the master server.


Boolean flag to control whether also subtypes of type should be intercepted or not.


The default value to control whether a rendition blob should be removed from publication or not. If unset the default is to remove blobs if nothing else is specified in either the metadata struct or in the removal overrides.


Overrides any setting or default for a given rendition. It contains a map from rendition name to removal flag. Thus, if you want the rendition thumbnail to be published in any case add an entry with key thumbnail and value false.


The content type the interceptor applies to. For subtype processing set the flag interceptingSubtypes accordingly.

Example 6.10, “Rendition Publication Configuration” shows a possible configuration of the AssetPublishInterceptor.

<beans ...>

  <util:map id="removeOverride"
    <entry key="thumbnail" value="false"/>

  <bean id="assetPublishInterceptor"
    <property name="type" value="AMAsset"/>
    <property name="interceptingSubtypes" value="true"/>
    <property name="assetMetadataProperty" value="metadata"/>
    <property name="removeDefault" value="true"/>
    <property name="removeOverride" ref="removeOverride"/>

Example 6.10. Rendition Publication Configuration

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