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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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2.1 Components and Architecture

CoreMedia Content Cloud has been developed to provide a universal solution for the creation and management of content.

The use of modern development tools and open interfaces enables the system to be flexibly adapted to enterprise requirements. For this purpose, worldwide standards for information processing, such as XML, HTML, HTTP, REST, Ajax, CORBA and the Java Platform are used or supported.

CoreMedia Content Cloud is a distributed system, that consists of several components for different use cases.

  • CoreMedia Content Server

    • Content Management Server

    • Master Live Server

    • Replication Live Server

  • CoreMedia Workflow Server

  • CoreMedia Content Application Engine

  • CoreMedia Headless Server

  • CoreMedia Importer

  • CoreMedia Search Engine

    • CoreMedia Content Feeder

    • CoreMedia CAE Feeder

  • CoreMedia Commerce Hub

  • eCommerce Connectors

  • CoreMedia Studio

  • CoreMedia User Changes web application

  • CoreMedia Site Manager

  • CoreMedia Elastic Social

  • CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization

  • CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management

  • CoreMedia Blueprints

In addition, CoreMedia Content Cloud relies on some third-party systems:

  • An HCL Commerce Server or SAP Commerce Server or Salesforce Commerce Cloud or commercetools for Commerce

  • A relational database to store the content and user data

  • A MongoDB NoSQL database to store the user generated content

  • An LDAP server for user management

Conceptually, a CoreMedia system can be divided into the Content Management Environment where editors create and manage the content and the Content Delivery Environment where the content is delivered to the customers. Some components are used in both environments, mostly to give you a realistic preview of your websites. Figure 2.1, “System Overview” provides an overview of a CoreMedia Content Cloud system with all components installed:

System Overview

Figure 2.1. System Overview

The following sections describe in short the aim of all components, some main technologies used in CoreMedia Content Cloud and give a short overview over the communication between the components.

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