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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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During Blueprint Build: Download and Include Plugins with Docker Images

It is also possible to include plugins directly with your Docker images. The process to do that is similar to the one of the Blueprint extensions, but more lightweight.

Next to workspace-configuration/extensions is a plugins directory where you can configure the plugins you want to bundle as a list of descriptor-urls. By executing Maven in this directory, the plugin-descriptors are parsed and the urls to the distinct application-plugins are put into plugins.json files inside the application workspaces. Then, when building an application, these plugin-zips will be downloaded and added to the Docker image. For details, please see the in the workspace-configuration/plugins directory.

The RSS-Adapter from the example in Section, “Plugin Releases” is one of the plugins that come already bundled with the Blueprint. So you will find a reference to the descriptor in workspace-configuration/plugins/plugin-descriptors.json, and references to the zip files in apps/studio-server/blueprint/spring-boot/studio-server-app/plugins.json and apps/studio-client/apps/main/app/plugins.json

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