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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

Table Of Contents Content Type Model

While you might create your very own content type model, the following description is based on the assumption that you use the content type model of CoreMedia Blueprint. For a custom content type model you must meet certain requirements which are described at the end of this section.

Content Types

The base content type for any contents which require to be translated is CMLocalized. For further information see Section 7.1, “Content Type Model”.

<DocType Name="CMLocalized" Parent="CMObject" Abstract="true">
  <StringProperty Name="locale" Length="64"/>
  <LinkListProperty Name="master" Max="1"
  <IntProperty Name="masterVersion"/>

Example 5.12. CMLocalized

Weak Link Attribute

The contents of each site have to be published and withdrawn independently of their master. Therefore, the weakLink attribute of every master property must be set to true - see also Content Type Model - LinkListProperty in Content Server Manual.

Attributes for Translation

The attributes extensions:translatable and extensions:automerge, which can be attached to all properties, affect the translation behavior. extensions:automerge also affects the synchronization behavior.

Translatable Properties

The properties that have to be translated to derived sites can be marked as translatable in the content type model by attaching the extensions:translatable attribute to the property declaration - see also Content Type Model - Translatable Properties in Content Server Manual.

Section “Translatable Predicate” describes other ways to mark a property as translatable, for example to mark nested properties of a Struct property as translatable.

<DocType Name="CMTeasable" Parent="CMHasContexts" Abstract="true">
  <LinkListProperty Name="master" Max="1"
  <StringProperty Name="teaserTitle" Length="512"
  <XmlProperty Name="teaserText" Grammar="coremedia-richtext-1.0"
  <XmlProperty Name="detailText" Grammar="coremedia-richtext-1.0"

Example 5.13. CMTeasable

Automatically Merged Properties

Usually all property changes from the master content will be merged automatically to the derived content when a translation task is accepted. To disable automatic merging for a property, set the extensions:automerge attribute to false as described in Content Type Model - Translatable Properties in Content Server Manual.

For a synchronization workflow, all properties are synchronized, by default, between a master content and its derived content. You can disable this behavior by setting extensions:automerge to false or by unchecking the checkbox Keep synchronized with Master of the content in Studio (see Section, “Removing Content Permanently from Synchronization” in Studio User Manual for details).

Custom Content Type Models

Even if it is not recommended, you can use your own content type model with the Multi-Site feature of CoreMedia Content Cloud. Prerequisite is, that you can configure the Site Model mentioned before to meet the requirements of your own content type model. In addition, you probably need to adapt your content type model to fit the requirements of the multi-site concept.

Therefore, every content type, which may occur in a site must contain all properties, listed below.

  • master

  • masterVersion

  • locale

Please adapt the configuration of each property to the properties of CMLocalized in the example above.

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